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Who the hell do I think I am?

Despite linking to many programming blogs, I know only some scraps of PHP, Perl, and Bash. I tried to learn things like C and Lisp, but I can't bring myself to engage with the tutorial examples, because they seem isolated and pointless, and I have no grand project ideas to drive me. I probably like the idea of the spirit and camaraderie of being a programmer more than I would ever enjoy the day-to-day work or the process of becoming one. Some part of me imagines that breaking through to true understanding of these things is some transcendent experience that will take my engagement with technology to a divine new level. However much time I've spent trying to learn coding, I've spent several times that reading about what the daily life of a software engineer (or computer engineer, firmware programmer, webdev, all peripheral careers) is like, and to my dismay, I don't think I'm really into it, except maybe if I could do nothing but freelance online while living in a country where I could afford to stop working for indefinite amounts of time when I get burnt out.

So what have I done? Really just tech support. PC tech support, ISP tech support (tier 2 though!), glorified tech support on enterprise firewalls (the most fun one, some exposure to infosec and CCNA-level networking, allowed me to feel almost like I was a hacker). Other non-tech stuff like audio transcription and video captioning, copy editing, and the usual shit-tier retail and call center jobs.

Why does this website exist? I don't know. It has yet to prove the worth of its existence. I like to have a domain and a website even though I have nothing useful to put on it. But useless personal sites were the essence of the old web I'm trying to return to.

As you may have guessed by the way my introduction centers around what I "do" (or would like to), I'm American, and the beginnings of this site will probably focus on things like: Clarifying what I want to study and pursue as a career, ways to bypass the American college scam to earn a degree affordably and my experience of whatever method I choose, possibly opinion pieces if I can convince myself that they're interesting enough to post, and documenting my findings when I research those sorts of bizarre but also mundane and inconsequential questions that you normally simply look up and then forget.

I have shallow interests in many things and don't go deep enough into any of them to be any kind of expert, so my posts here may be ideal for that kind of person who tends to lose interest when it gets too specific. Hopefully I'll stumble across a subject that I do care enough about to really dive into. Areas that I may or may not ever touch on include:

(This list is intended both to give you false hope and to give me reminders of things I might write about.)


If you play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, then chances are you still don't know what this is, as I've met many players who didn't realize that this is the code the terrorists type in to arm the bomb. This is not a site about CS:GO advice/tactics/strategy, because I'm very bad at it, or at least too inconsistent to get out of silver after almost 3,000 hours and 1,000 competitive wins. I enjoy it anyway, for whatever reason.


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